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Home Along Da Riles The Movie 118

Home Along Da Riles The Movie 118

Home Along Da Riles The Movie 118 is a Filipino comedy film released in 1993. It is based on the popular sitcom Home Along Da Riles, which aired on ABS-CBN from 1992 to 2003. The film stars Dolphy as Mang Kevin Kosme, a widowed father of five who lives along the railroad tracks and works as a messenger and janitor in a placement agency. The film also features Nova Villa as Aling Ason, Mang Kevin's long-time love interest, Bernardo Bernardo as Steve Carpio, Mang Kevin's nemesis at work, and Smokey Manaloto as Bill Kosme, Mang Kevin's eldest son.


The plot of the film revolves around a cassette tape that contains evidence of corruption by a governor named Quiogue, played by Eddie Gutierrez. The tape is accidentally given to Mang Kevin's youngest son Baldo, played by Vandolph, by a dying gang member who was chased and killed by his cohorts. The gang then targets Mang Kevin and his family, who are unaware of the tape's contents and importance. Meanwhile, Mang Kevin also has to deal with his romantic feelings for Aling Ason, who is still bitter about his past marriage to her twin sister Asuncion.

The film was directed by Johnny Manahan and written by Roy Vera Cruz, Loida Viriña, and Divino Reyes. It was produced by RVQ Productions and Star Cinema. It was a box office hit and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It was followed by a sequel in 1997 titled Home Along Da Riles 2.

If you are interested in watching Home Along Da Riles The Movie 118, you can find it on [SoundCloud], where you can listen to the audio version of the film. You can also check out the [IMDb page] of the film for more information and trivia. If you want to learn more about the sitcom that inspired the film, you can read the [Wikipedia article] on Home Along Da Riles.

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