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Kodungallur Bharani Pattu Lyrics

Kodungallur Bharani Pattu Lyrics

Kodungallur Bharani Pattu is a traditional song sung by devotees during the Bharani festival at the Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple in Kerala, India. The festival is dedicated to Goddess Kali, who is worshipped as the mother of all beings. The song is a form of ritualistic offering to the goddess, in which the singers praise her beauty, power, and grace, while also expressing their desires, fears, and grievances. The song is sung in a loud and ecstatic manner, accompanied by drums and cymbals. The lyrics are often vulgar, abusive, and obscene, as a way of appeasing the fierce and wild aspect of the goddess.


The Kodungallur Bharani Pattu is believed to have originated from the ancient practice of oracles (velichappadu), who would enter a trance-like state and communicate with the goddess. The oracles would sing the song as a way of invoking the goddess and receiving her blessings. The song is also considered to be a form of folk art, reflecting the social and cultural realities of the people who sing it. The song has many variations and improvisations, depending on the region, caste, and gender of the singers. The song is also influenced by the contemporary events and issues that affect the lives of the devotees.

The Kodungallur Bharani Pattu is not written down or recorded officially, but is passed on orally from generation to generation. The song is also not performed outside the temple premises or during any other occasion. The song is considered to be sacred and exclusive to the goddess and her devotees. The song is also controversial and criticized by some sections of society for its profanity and indecency. However, the devotees argue that the song is a form of expression of their devotion and love for the goddess, who accepts them as they are.

Here are some examples of Kodungallur Bharani Pattu lyrics:

Thanaro thannaro thannaro thanaro thanaro thannaro thannane

Kodungalloorammae kumbidu njan

Thedi vannoru paattu paadi

Thaaykku thiruvadi vandiyittu

Thaalam kondu ninnu njan

Meaning: Oh mother of Kodungallur, I bow to you

I came searching for you and sang a song

I offered my salutations to your holy feet

  • I stood with a rhythm in front of you

Kodungalloorile kalabham chaarthi

Kavitha paadi ninnanenne

Kaliyude kannukal kandu njan

Kaathirunnu ninne kaanaan

Meaning: I smeared sandal paste on your temple

I sang a poem for you

I saw the eyes of Kali

  • I am waiting to see you

Kodungalloorammae enikku vendi

Koda koduthu kondu vannu njan

Kodiyeri balakrishnan pole

Kodutholam kondu ninnu njan

Meaning: Oh mother of Kodungallur, for your sake

I brought a lot of money with me

Like Kodiyeri Balakrishnan (a politician)

  • I gave you everything I had

If you want to know more about Kodungallur Bharani Pattu, you can watch some videos on YouTube or read some articles on the internet . You can also visit the Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple during the Bharani festival, which usually falls in March or April every year.

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