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Novation V-Station VSTi V1.6 Incl. Keygen-AiR Crack

Novation V-Station VSTi V1.6: A Powerful Virtual Analog Synth with a Keygen

If you are looking for a software synthesizer that can recreate the rich and warm sound of Novation's K-Station hardware synth, you might want to check out Novation V-Station VSTi V1.6. This plug-in is a virtual analog synth that features three oscillators, a noise generator, two ring modulators, a filter section, an arpeggiator, an effects section and more. You can use it as a standalone application or as a VST, AU or RTAS plug-in in your favorite DAW.


One of the advantages of Novation V-Station VSTi V1.6 is that it comes with a keygen from AiR, a group of hackers who specialize in cracking audio software. This means that you can activate the full version of the plug-in without paying for it. However, this also means that you are using an illegal copy of the software, which might have some risks and drawbacks. For example, you might encounter some bugs or glitches, you might not get any updates or support from Novation, and you might face some legal consequences if you are caught. Therefore, before you download and install Novation V-Station VSTi V1.6 Incl. Keygen-AiR, you should consider the pros and cons of using a cracked software. You should also respect the intellectual property rights of Novation and support their work by purchasing their products if you can afford them.

Novation V-Station VSTi is a great software synthesizer that deserves your attention and appreciation. In this article, we will review its features and benefits, and show you how to download and install it on your computer.

Features and Benefits

Novation V-Station VSTi V1.6 is a plug-in version of the hardware K-Station synthesizer, which was released in 2002 as a compact and portable VA synth with a wide range of sounds and controls. The plug-in version retains the same sound engine and architecture as the hardware, but adds some advantages of software synthesis, such as unlimited polyphony, automation, MIDI learn and recall. You can also download V-Station sounds into the A or K-Station and vice versa, making it easy to transfer patches between different platforms.

The sound engine of Novation V-Station VSTi V1.6 is based on Novation's Liquid Analog synthesis, which aims to emulate the warmth and character of analog circuits using digital technology. The plug-in features three oscillators per voice, each with six waveforms (sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, pulse and double saw), pulse-width modulation, sync and FM capability. You can also mix in a noise generator and two ring modulators for more complex and metallic sounds.

The filter section offers a 12dB/octave low-pass filter with resonance, cutoff and envelope controls, as well as a high-pass filter for removing unwanted low frequencies. The filter can be modulated by an LFO or an envelope follower for dynamic effects.

The amplifier section has its own ADSR envelope for controlling the volume of each voice. You can also apply distortion, chorus, phaser, reverb and delay effects to enhance your sound.

The arpeggiator is a powerful tool for creating rhythmic patterns and sequences. You can choose from 32 preset patterns or create your own using up to 16 steps. You can also adjust the tempo, swing, gate time, octave range and direction of the arpeggio.

The plug-in has 400 factory presets that cover a wide range of genres and styles. You can also create your own sounds using the intuitive interface and save them in 200 user slots.

Download and Installation

To download Novation V-Station VSTi V1.6 Incl. Keygen-AiR, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on this link to go to the download page.

  • Choose one of the available mirrors to start the download.

  • Extract the ZIP file using WinRAR or any other file archiver.

  • Run the setup.exe file to install the plug-in on your computer.

  • Run the keygen.exe file to generate a serial number for the plug-in.

  • Copy and paste the serial number into the registration window of the plug-in.

  • Enjoy your full version of Novation V-Station VSTi V1.6!

Note: This is an illegal way of obtaining the software. We do not condone or encourage piracy. If you like the product, please support the developers by buying it from their official website.


Novation V-Station VSTi V1.6 is a powerful and versatile virtual analog synth that can produce a wide range of sounds and effects. It is easy to use and has a lot of features and presets to explore. However, it is also a cracked software that might have some drawbacks and risks. You should be careful when downloading and installing it, and respect the rights of the original creators. If you want to learn more about Novation V-Station VSTi V1.6, you can check out these sources:

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