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Isiabhaya Font deaweth




This is a Sinhala fonts download portal. Here you can find various Sinhala fonts free download. Sinhala font websites There are many Sinhala font sites on the Internet. But most of them are of low quality and fake, and we will choose only high quality and legitimate ones to list here. There are many free fonts on the Internet. Just search “Sinhala Font” on Google. Sinhala Font Online This is the main page of Sinhala Font Online, an online resources for Sinhala font. Download Sinhala Fonts from here. Sinhala Fonts This is the first Sinhala font website. Here you can find many free Sinhala font sites. Sinhala Script font Sinhala Script font is the first Sinhala font, which comes from the Tamil language. Sinhala Script font was designed in 1894 by Gabriel Kurup. It is based on Malayalam font. It has about 13000 Sinhala letters. This is free Sinhala font, you can download it from here. Sinhala fonts are from the Pali language. Pali script is based on Old Indian, Middle Indian, and New Indian scripts. Sinhala fonts are the most popular fonts for Tamil language. Pali fonts are written from right to left. Kannada fonts Kannada is an Indian language, which is spoken in Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Some people call it as Karnataka language. Kannada font comes from Kannada script. Kannada font Kannada font is from the Kannada script. The first Kannada font was made in the year of 1999. Kannada script is from the Brahmi script. Kannada fonts are used for Kannada languages. Dalit fonts Dalit Script is the first Sinhala font, which is based on Brahmi script. This is free Sinhala font from the Dravidian languages. Dalit font was designed by Dr. G. Gopaldas in 2008. Marathi font Marathi is one of the Indian languages. This is the first Sinhala font designed for Marathi language. Marathi font is from the Kannada script. Maithili fonts




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Isiabhaya Font deaweth

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